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Concrete becomes a work of art on floors, driveways, pool decks, patios, paths, stairs and more...
     Pinnacle Concrete Solutions is a custom decorative concrete company based in Vernon BC. Serving clients in the Okanagan Valley of beautiful British Columbia and beyond, We transform ordinary, dull looking concrete into something truly unique and exquisite.
     We can change the colour and texture of new and existing concrete with a variety of stains that penetrate the surface, or in other ways such as stamped overlays, sprayed texture coatings, epoxy and much more... The finished product can vary, as required, from solid colours to a variegated marble or other stone-like looks depending on the concrete in place and the desired look. After that, if you wish, we can cut or engrave lines, curves or custom graphics with saws and air powered tools designed specifically for concrete engraving. Any design is possible from grout lines, circles, brick, flagstone, custom company logos.... it's only limited to the imagination.
     We can often repair and renew old, damaged concrete using a variety of micro-toppings and overlay systems. They work well for interior or exterior applications including driveways, paths or pool decks and offer an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to breaking out the concrete, taking it to the land fill and replacing it. The finishes can range from very smooth, rustic stone or tile or even a typical broom finish depending on the product used, application method and customer preference.
      Got a dream floor in mind? Something you've been told "can't be done"? We can make it happen and will enjoy doing it.
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